Preferences Migration for Xpunge

Since version 0.6, Xpunge contains code to migrate its own preferences to the "extensions." preferences branch of Thunderbird. This happens once in the background when Thunderbird is first started and is transparent to the user.

If something goes wrong, for any reason, Xpunge displays an error that directs the user to this page. In this case, the practical implication can be that some of the options defined in the Xpunge Preferences window might be missing or broken.

Xpunge tries to back up the preferences, so that they may be manually recovered later if something goes wrong. If you cannot reconfigure the Xpunge Preferences and want to recover your old preferences, please send me an email at xpungetb at gmail dot com and I will provide instructions and support. DO NOT uninstall Xpunge or Thunderbird.

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