Requested Features for Xpunge

These are all the features that users have asked to see in Xpunge since the extension was first released. The ones that are not marked as "implemented" or "impractical" are under consideration, but it does not mean that I am actively working on implementing them or that they are on my ToDo list. You are welcome to contact me (xpungetb at gmail dot com) offering your vote for any of the features on the list that I have not implemented yet. Given that my knowledge of Thunderbird's code is (naturally) limited, you may also send me tips on how to implement the features that I have deemed "impractical". Of course you are also welcome to send in your own suggestions about features that you would like to see implemented in Xpunge and I will take them into consideration.

The most requested feature has always been the option to empty the Junk folders. I finally implemented this functionality as of version 0.5.

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